Best 5th Wheel To Gooseneck Adapters

If a fifth wheel hitch is connected to a pickup truck by installing the trailer’s kingpin into the hitch, a gooseneck trailer, on one hand, is attached to a ball coupler hitch found in the bed of your pickup truck. However, the towing devices are not exclusive to one kind of trailer. You can use a gooseneck if you want to tow a 5th wheel trailer with the use of a 5th wheel to gooseneck adapter.

According to, there are some adapters that use the gooseneck hitch’s hole or are attached to a gooseneck ball, letting you connect the fifth wheel trailer without modifying the towing carriage to fit the hitch. The Gooseneck Adaptersother kind of fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter fastens to the 5th wheel trailer, allowing you to install it directly to the ball coupler in your truck’s bed. But the kind of adapter you’re going to use depends on what types of trailer and hitch you have.

To help you find what type of adapter you need, here are some of the best 5th wheel to gooseneck adapters that are categorized into four groups.

  1. Adapter replacing the trailer pin box

As a reference for those who are not familiar what a trailer pin box is, it is the one found under the trailer’s front. It usually holds the kingpin, which is installed into the fifth wheel hitch attached in the bed of a pickup truck.

Having this 5th wheel to gooseneck adapter is the safest option to tow a fifth wheel trailer using a gooseneck hitch since it does not cause more stress in possibly deforming the hitch or the trailer frame. Furthermore, it is created to fit particular trailer pin boxes, providing you with a permanent solution to your trailer and hitch concerns.

Here is a product, which comes in different versions with different prices, under this category.

*Reese Goose Box 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Air Ride Coupler Adapter

A fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter offered by Reese, this is equipped with air ride mechanism that ensures lesser stress placed on the frame of your fifth wheel trailer than how much a typical kingpin adapter normally causes.

To use this item, you just have to uninstall the current pin box from your trailer and replace it with this adapter, then you are already good to go.

  1. Adapter being installed in the gooseneck hitch’s ball hole

This is the second most secured type of 5th wheel to gooseneck adapter that is temporarily mounted into the bed of your pickup truck.You do not have to modify your trailer to fit and make this kind of equipment work. And when you use this, it can actually lessen the stress caused by either the trailer hitch or frame. Moreover, it will provide a satisfying solution if you frequently switch from one trailer type to another.

To give you an idea on what kind of adapter this category describes, here are a few samples you may want to take a look.

*B&W Companion Flatbed Gooseneck-to-5th-Wheel Trailer Hitch Adapter – Dual Jaw – 22,000 lbs

With this fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter that is provided by B&W, you already have a heavy-duty and premium quality 5th wheel hitch alternative that fastens into the flatbed of your truck by linking directly to the turnover ball gooseneck hitch with the use of the accessories included with this item. You do not have to make modifications to your trailer or truck. Moreover, there are no parts to add for the whole towing system to work effectively.

*Curt X5 5th-Wheel Base Rail Adapter Plate for EZr Double Lock Gooseneck Trailer Hitch

If you have a Curt EZr Double Lock Gooseneck hitch, you can still use that one to tow a fifth wheel trailer with the use of this special adapter that comes with rails to allow you to mount it into any kind of 5th wheel hitch.

To use this 5th wheel to gooseneck adapter, you just have to attach the adapter plate to the gooseneck hitch.

*Hi-Rise Gooseneck-to-5th-Wheel Trailer Hitch Adapter by Bulldog

This fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter increases the towing performance of your fifth wheel hitch that mounts into the existing ball hole of your under bed gooseneck hitch with the help of other accessories to make the system work.

This item comes with parts such as round and square gooseneck posts, single piece, self-latching jaw, 4-way pivoting head, stabilizer strips used for corrugated beds of pickup trucks and offset legs.

  1. Adapter being attached to the truck bed’s gooseneck ball

This kind of 5th wheel to gooseneck adapter is temporarily mounted into your pickup truck’s flooring. Unlike the first two categories, this causes minimal tension on the frame and hitch of the trailer. However, its installation and removal are straightforward due to its weight that is lighter than a fifth wheel adapter connected to a trailer’s kingpin.

*Andersen Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection – Gooseneck to 5th Wheel Adapter

Having a lightweight frame that is compatible with any kind of industrial gooseneck ball coupler, this adapter’s frame is mounted to the gooseneck ball found in the flatbed. It comes with an aluminum coupler that you can install on your trailer’s kingpin

Unlike the conventional and longer type of fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter, this item uses minimal leverage and applies less tension on the ball coupler. It also reduces the chucking as the hitch and trailer are moving.

Having a steel ball that is plated with zinc, constructed for durability and finished with the rust-resistant coat.

  1. Adapter being bolted over the kingpin lube plate

This category has gooseneck adapters that work as temporary solutions to tow a fifth wheel trailer using a gooseneck hitch. This does not employ a secure connection as it causes tension within the hitch and trailer frame. Apparently, there are some manufacturers who highly suggest not to use the adapters together with trailer pin boxes for longer periods of time. It is always recommend to check the optimal length of the pin box first.

*Ranch Hitch Universal 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Coupler Adapter

A heavy-duty adapter that is capable of converting the kingpin of a fifth wheel trailer to a gooseneck coupler, this item gives convenience in towing your fifth wheel camping trailer using a gooseneck hitch. With a 3-inch vertical adjustment, you can use this one to tow other kinds of vehicles.

*Convert-A-Ball Cushioned 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Adapter w/ Offset

With a height range from 12 to 16 inches, this adapter has coupler that is installed to the kingpin of your trailer and connected to a gooseneck ball. It has cushions that are made with interior polyurethane, acting as shock absorbers to reduce the bounces or vibrations and to ensure safe and smooth ride while you are on the road.

However, this is not recommended to be installed on trucks that have less than 6 feet flatbeds. You can adjust its height to make it suitable for other applications.

Best Fifth Wheel Lube Plates

Usually designed with a rugged, big hole in the middle, a lube plate is commonly a circular device that is installed on a fifth wheel kingpin to have a more convenient way of connecting the trailer to the hitch, preventing scratches when they are in contact with each other. According to most technicians, a 5th wheel lube plate is much better than lubricating the equipment with grease since it eliminates getting yourself dirty and oily.

To help you decide what kind of fifth wheel lube plate you want to have, here are some of the best lube plates you want to have for your hitch.

  1. 10″ Diameter Lube Plate for Reese 5th Wheel Trailer Hitches

Technically, its purpose is the same with most common fifth wheel plate, which prevents scratches and eases installation of a trailer kingpin to a hitch. What sets this one apart are its material and features.

Fifth Wheel Lube PlatesHaving a 10-inch diameter and a 0.192-inch thickness, this lube plate is made of durable nylon. It provides more protection with its large surface area. This fits perfectly well with Reese fifth wheel trailer hitches that can carry 16,000 and 22,000 pounds of loads. You do not need to use grease once this is installed.

You will be able to get this nylon lube plate for only $6.99.


  1. 12″ Diameter Lube Plate for Elite Series and Reese 5th Wheel Trailer Hitches


Still made with durable nylon, this lube plate, which has a diameter of 12 inches and a thickness of 0.192 inches, is one of Reese’s fifth wheel hitch plates. It has the same features with the first one, but it works best on Reese’s 20,000-pound and Elite Series of fifth wheel trailer hitches.

Since this is evidently bigger than previously mentioned lube plate, it also costs a bit higher.

  1. 10” Diameter Curt Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch Lube Plate

If you want a more durable lube plate, then you can have this accessory for your fifth wheel trailer hitch.

Manufactured by Curt, this lube plate has a 10-inch diameter and 0.1875-inch thickness. It has been designed to withstand intense or difficult work. However, it can easily be installed on the trailer kingpin by just sliding it into the hitch without applying any kind of lubricant or grease.


  1. 12” Diameter Curt Lube Plate for 5th Wheel Trailer Hitches

This has similar features with Curt’s 10” diameter lube plate. The differences are the diameter’s measurement, which is 12 inches, and physical design, which has “uniform openings” around the middle hole. This costs $11.99.

  1. 10” Diameter Husky Lube Plate for 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch

Husky, another manufacturing company for towing equipment and accessories, also has its own set of fifth wheel hitch plates. One of them is the 10-inch diameter lube plate that is made of heavy-duty nylon. It simply fits kingpins with a diameter of 2.875 inches.

  1. IconDirect 5th Wheel Lube Plate

If you have thought that all lube plates are in circular form, then think again. There is an octagonal-shaped fifth wheel plate by IconDirect.

This accessory has a length of 10.5 inches, a width or diameter of 10.5 inches and a thickness of 0.125 inches. Installing this item into the trailer kingpin is straightforward and does not need too much lubrication for it to work well.

For a special kind of item such as the IconDirect 5th Wheel Lube Plate, it has a friendly price of $10.48. If you don’t want things that are ordinary, then take this one to fit your preference.

  1. Fifth Wheel Lube Plate for Reese Titan 16

This is another Reese fifth wheel lube plate that takes on another form. Its shape looks like a letter “U” and has been especially built for Reese Titan R16 fifth wheels. It also has a different installation process that needs drilling to attach it to the fifth wheel head.

On the accessory, you will be able to see 3 small holes on each side, having a total of 6 openings. If you purchase this item, it already comes with 6 nylock nuts, 6 socket cap screws and an instructional guide that presents you how the lube plate is properly installed.

To make use of the plate, you basically need to drill the 6 small openings into the 5th wheel hitch head, then fasten it to keep it in place by installing the screws and nuts through the holes.

With this item, you are assured of an impressive performance as well as protection between the fifth wheel head and the pin box once the lube plate has been installed. Furthermore, its provides lubrication that helps the pin box move when the hitch is turning itself.

  1. Lube Plate for Reese Titan 20k 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch

The last, but definitely not the least, 5th wheel lube plate of this list has similar “U” shape design with the previous item. However, this product best fits or replaces the lube plate of Reese Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch that can support a capacity of 20,000-pound load.

It also has a total of 6 small openings, with each side having 3 holes. Apparently, it is also installed by drilling and inserting the nuts and screws, which are already included in the lube plate package.

If you have the fifth wheel trailer hitch specified for this lube plate and you want to get this product, you will have to spend a bit higher than the first one.

Best Fifth Wheel Hitch King Pin Locks

A king pin is a pin located under the trailer’s front. It is the one that will be locked inside a fifth wheel hitch when the trailer is connected to a pickup truck. If not guarded well, the towing vehicle is in danger of getting stolen since the trailer king pin can be hooked into someone else’s hitch without much difficulty.

However, the issue on possible theft will be resolved by securing the pin with the use of a 5th wheel king pin lock.

Fifth Wheel Hitch King Pin LocksNow that we have established the importance of the lock, here are some of the best king pin locks that you may want to purchase for the safety of your trailer while you enjoy your holiday spree.

  1. Master Lock 5th Wheel Trailer King Pin Lock

This easy-to-use fifth wheel hitch lock is manufactured by Master Lock, a Wisconsin-based company that basically produces padlocks, develops combination locks and related security products.

Its heavy-duty collar secures the king pin, having a deadbolt-style receiver padlock to keep it in its place. It is made of powder coated steel to ensure its durability and resistance to corrosion.

Master Lock 5th Wheel Trailer King Pin Lock has a visually, bright red color, which reminds the user to unlock the accessory before connecting the king pin back to the fifth wheel. Its receiver lock can also be used as a non-5th wheel hitch lock.

  1. Curt Dumbbell Style King Pin Lock

A 5th wheel lock manufactured by Curt, this type of king pin lock is useful when you are not using your trailer. It has a durable body made of aluminum and fits lipped couplers that are between one to two inches in diameter.

  1. RoadPro Heavy Duty Steel King Pin Lock

If you want a more reliable fifth wheel lock, you can have this accessory to keep you at peace wherever you take the trailer with you.

Manufactured by RoadPro, this item has a height of 3.25 inches with a lock diameter of 3.5-inches. It is made of solid steel, covering the entire king pin. It is securely locked with a slide bolt. It prohibits the pin from getting in contact with the fifth wheel hitch, preventing it from easily taken away by thieves. Moreover, it has yellow warning tag connected to the padlock by a 12-inch chain.

Having two keys for the slide bolt, this king pin lock is effective yet it only costs.

  1. Trimax Ultra Tough 5th Wheel Trailer Lock

When you are using your recreational vehicle to have a vacation somewhere far, it is inevitable to relax and have fun (at least that’s what vacations are for). But somehow, you and your companions tend to ignore some of your valuable things while you are enjoying yourselves away from the busy world.

Because of this circumstance, it is much better to provide a maximum security for your  vehicle by locking the trailer king pin with this Ultra Tough 5th Wheel Trailer Lock that has been manufactured by Trimax.

This item is made of heavy gauge steel finished with rugged weatherproof epoxy powder coat. You don’t have to worry about its heaviness since it is compact and only weighs 1.1 pounds.

  1. Tow Ready Fifth Wheel King Pin Lock

If you want to save time in choosing the most suitable king pin lock, then you can purchase this item that actually fits different types of king pin. It’s like a universal lock that does not need specifications for it to work.

Bearing the brand name Tow Ready, this special kind of king pin lock is durably pushed through a hole. Its body is made of T6 tempered aluminum. Its ends are easily gripped, having a Dust Cap that is used to block elements from damaging the device. For visibility purposes, it carries a brightly yellow hue.

  1. BAL King Pin Lock

This boasts of having a simple physical appearance. However, this 5th wheel hitch lock exclusively works on BAL R.V. Products Group’s Fifth Wheel King Pin Stabilizing Jack.

With 2-position lock, the BAL King Pin Lock is die-cast and chrome plated to make it last longer than a usual lock.

However, there are some reviews that say it can easily be opened using a set of bolt cutters or blasted with the use of freon gas, so it is recommended not to leave your trailer unattended all the times.

  1. Eagle Pin Locks Trailer King Pin Lock

This 5th wheel lock has a universal fit, which can be used on boats, campers and RV. It comes with a safety ribbon and has unique keys made for drivers and RV owners to make sure that they are the only persons capable of accessing the vehicles.

With Eagle Pin Locks as it brand name, this king pin lock is made of cast steel with an orange powder coated finish.

  1. Steel Conical King Pin Lock

Most of the items mentioned in this list have budget-friendly prices. But this one costs a bit higher than the rest. But if you are actually looking for high-end fifth wheel lock with no regrets of spending a lot, then you can buy this accessory.

Steel Conical King Pin Lock boasts of having impressive security and rugged key system for the safety of your trailer. It exudes a cylindrical shape that is lightweight and practical with a body made of carbon steel. It can also be used on any equipment that is locked with a king pin.

This accessory can withstand drilling, freezing and different kinds of impact, making it a reliable lock for your towing vehicle.

Despite being a bit pricey, you are assured of a much better security for your vehicle wherever you go.

How To Weigh A Fifth Wheel Camper

Do you have a camper with a fifth wheel hitch? If you do, then it is necessary to know its weight for safety reasons, preventing unexpected accidents and damages from happening while you are on the road. Its heaviness is measured according to the Gross Trailer Weight (GTW) or Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), which indicates how much a certain hitch is capable of carrying or supporting.

Most of the time, fifth wheel camper manufacturers will record the GVWR and place it on a sticker, which will be  Fifth Wheel Campervisibly plastered on the vehicle. And for an accurate measurement, it is best to get the fifth wheel weight using the proper weighing scale rather than doing a rough estimation or relying on what the brochures have indicated.

CAT Scale

In knowing the weight, you must drive the trailer on any camp location where a CAT Scale is usually available. Pull up on the weighing device until your cab window is in line with the intercom sign. The scale has three weighing platforms where you should properly position your truck and trailer:

  1. The steer axle or the front tires of the truck are on the first platform.
  2. The drive axle or the rears of the truck are on the second platform.
  3. Finally, the trailer axle, which is linked to the truck using the fifth wheel hitch, is on the last platform.

Once you have the laid the vehicle’s parts in their places, you have to reach or go out from your truck to press the intercom button. You will, then be greeted by a weigh master who will ask whether you’re getting the fifth wheel weight for the first time or just having a reweigh.

*If it is a reweigh, take note that you should be weighing the same truck and trailer at the same CAT Scale location. You must do it within 24 hours after having the initial weigh.

*Another thing to remember is to make sure that nothing changes – no one should get one, the same things should be in place. Do the first weigh and reweigh at once.

Then, the weigh master is going to ask for the truck number, which will assure you of getting the right ticket at the fuel desk.

After giving the details, the weigh master is going to initiate the process in producing the ticket that only takes a few seconds to finish. He or she informs you that the weight has already been processed and tells you to drive going to the fuel desk to get your ticket.

Other Weighing Scales

Aside from the CAT Scale, there are different weighing scales that you can use in getting the weight of a fifth wheel hitch camper. You can have the dump, quarry or whatever suits your preference. Such equipment only has single scale unlike the CAT, which has three platforms.

With a single scale, you have to get the weight for the three axles one by one. This basically lets you move the truck often in acquiring each weight of the axle.

How Does it Cost

Knowing the fifth wheel weight apparently has a price, at least for CAT Scale. According to an article in Learn To RV, an initial CAT Scale weigh is about $10. Each reweigh can either cost $1 or $2, depending on the location.

How To Hook Up A Fifth Wheel Hitch?

If you have an RV and you want to go on a vacation trip with your family, yet you do not know how to hook up a 5th wheel hitch, then learning how to safely connect the truck and a fifth wheel trailer using the hitch is a must.

To help you do this job, here is a friendly 5th wheel hook up guide that you can follow in setting up your RV before you hit the road.

Pre-installation Reminders

Hook Up A Fifth Wheel HitchConnecting trucks and trailers using fifth wheel hitches comes easy especially when you are following the instructions properly. It is also recommended to do the job by two persons: one person to drive the truck and and the other as a guide to ensure safety and make the necessary connections.

If you do not want to have it as two-men task, then you can do it yourself. However, it is going to take so much of your time.

The Installation Process

Before starting the fifth wheel hook up process, make sure that the tailgate of your pickup truck is placed down and all doors at the front of your cargo trailer are closed. Then, chock the wheels of the trailer to prevent it from suddenly moving forward or backward and causing untoward accidents.

Now that you have secured everything, move your truck backwards to align it to the trailer. Move it close enough to make an eyeball measurement. Make sure that there is enough clearance to get under the kingpin.

*In cases when there is not enough space to open the tailgate, then the guide will tell the driver to stop the truck, then put the tailgate up while moving it a bit closer to the trailer until the kingpin is clear.

With the use of the landing gear, adjust the trailer’s height so that the bottom play will be closer to the trailer’s pin box, setting it from 1/2 to 1 inch lower than the skid plate on the 5th wheel hitch.

*Before proceeding further to the 5th wheel hook up procedures, do not forget to put the hitch’s handle in an open position to avoid mishaps.

Ease the hitch’s back under the kingpin. There is a little resistance once the hitch and the kingpin are already in contact with each other. However, such occurrence is normal, so there is nothing to worry about.

Usually, the lubrication channels on the fifth wheel’s skid plate, which has been designed to incline as the kingpin slides into place, raises the trailer a bit higher.

*It is important to remember to allow the skid plate to push the trailer up as it slides and guides the kingpin to its proper position. Trying to exactly level the connection with the fifth wheel hitches and kingpins to avoid scratching the former can lead to high pinning.

*High pinning happens when the kingpin’s wider part is above the hitch’s jaws, which lock the kingpin inside the equipment. If this occurs, it can either break the jaws while in the middle of a fifth wheel hook up, result to an unsecured closure or cause the jaws to miss the kingpin. To avoid such circumstance from happening, it is much better to let the hitch and trailer’s kingpin interact like how they were built for.

As the kingpin comes in contact with the hitch, the jaws automatically open to let the kingpin in, then close once there is already a positive connection. Apparently, there are some hitches that have jaws, which need to be opened and closed manually using a locking handle.

Once the kingpin is safely inside the jaws, you have to make sure that the connection is also secured by closing and pinning the safety latch.

After locking the latch, get the pullout breakaway cable from the pin box and tie it to a permanent and stable part of your pickup truck. By doing this procedure, it will ensure that the brakes on the 5th wheel hitch will engage if it’s going to be disconnected from your vehicle.

Raise the truck’s tailgate, then connect the 7-way trailer cord from the fifth wheel to your vehicle. After linking the cord, do a Hitch Pull Test to make sure that the connection of the truck and trailer has been secured.

Hitch Pull Test

  1. The driver should activate the brakes of the trailer manually.
  2. Then, release the truck’s brakes.
  3. Slowly, step on the accelerator as if the driver is just moving the trailer a few inches. The trailer should keep the pickup truck in place.

*If the connection separates, stop the vehicle and hitch it again.

After successfully testing the 5th wheel hook up, completely raise the landing gear and remove the wheel chocks, then you are set for you vacation.

The Unhooking Process

The process of unhooking fifth wheel hitches is also easy since you only need to the reverse process of connecting the hitch.

Start by chocking the wheels and pulling down the landing gear to make the trailer go up – enough to lift the weight off the hitch. Then, disconnect the 7-way trailer cord and the pullout breakaway cable. Unlock/unpin and open the safety latch, then pull out the locking handle to its open position to disengage the jaws.

Make sure that the tailgate is open. Once it is down, let the driver drive the vehicle slowly out from under the trailer’s kingpin, unhooking the kingpin from the hitch.