Fifth Wheel Hitch King Pin Locks

Best Fifth Wheel Hitch King Pin Locks

A king pin is a pin located under the trailer’s front. It is the one that will be locked inside a fifth wheel hitch when the trailer is connected to a pickup truck. If not guarded well, the towing vehicle is in danger of getting stolen since the trailer king pin can be hooked into someone else’s hitch without much difficulty.

However, the issue on possible theft will be resolved by securing the pin with the use of a 5th wheel king pin lock.

Fifth Wheel Hitch King Pin LocksNow that we have established the importance of the lock, here are some of the best king pin locks that you may want to purchase for the safety of your trailer while you enjoy your holiday spree.

  1. Master Lock 5th Wheel Trailer King Pin Lock

This easy-to-use fifth wheel hitch lock is manufactured by Master Lock, a Wisconsin-based company that basically produces padlocks, develops combination locks and related security products.

Its heavy-duty collar secures the king pin, having a deadbolt-style receiver padlock to keep it in its place. It is made of powder coated steel to ensure its durability and resistance to corrosion.

Master Lock 5th Wheel Trailer King Pin Lock has a visually, bright red color, which reminds the user to unlock the accessory before connecting the king pin back to the fifth wheel. Its receiver lock can also be used as a non-5th wheel hitch lock.

  1. Curt Dumbbell Style King Pin Lock

A 5th wheel lock manufactured by Curt, this type of king pin lock is useful when you are not using your trailer. It has a durable body made of aluminum and fits lipped couplers that are between one to two inches in diameter.

  1. RoadPro Heavy Duty Steel King Pin Lock

If you want a more reliable fifth wheel lock, you can have this accessory to keep you at peace wherever you take the trailer with you.

Manufactured by RoadPro, this item has a height of 3.25 inches with a lock diameter of 3.5-inches. It is made of solid steel, covering the entire king pin. It is securely locked with a slide bolt. It prohibits the pin from getting in contact with the fifth wheel hitch, preventing it from easily taken away by thieves. Moreover, it has yellow warning tag connected to the padlock by a 12-inch chain.

Having two keys for the slide bolt, this king pin lock is effective yet it only costs.

  1. Trimax Ultra Tough 5th Wheel Trailer Lock

When you are using your recreational vehicle to have a vacation somewhere far, it is inevitable to relax and have fun (at least that’s what vacations are for). But somehow, you and your companions tend to ignore some of your valuable things while you are enjoying yourselves away from the busy world.

Because of this circumstance, it is much better to provide a maximum security for your  vehicle by locking the trailer king pin with this Ultra Tough 5th Wheel Trailer Lock that has been manufactured by Trimax.

This item is made of heavy gauge steel finished with rugged weatherproof epoxy powder coat. You don’t have to worry about its heaviness since it is compact and only weighs 1.1 pounds.

  1. Tow Ready Fifth Wheel King Pin Lock

If you want to save time in choosing the most suitable king pin lock, then you can purchase this item that actually fits different types of king pin. It’s like a universal lock that does not need specifications for it to work.

Bearing the brand name Tow Ready, this special kind of king pin lock is durably pushed through a hole. Its body is made of T6 tempered aluminum. Its ends are easily gripped, having a Dust Cap that is used to block elements from damaging the device. For visibility purposes, it carries a brightly yellow hue.

  1. BAL King Pin Lock

This boasts of having a simple physical appearance. However, this 5th wheel hitch lock exclusively works on BAL R.V. Products Group’s Fifth Wheel King Pin Stabilizing Jack.

With 2-position lock, the BAL King Pin Lock is die-cast and chrome plated to make it last longer than a usual lock.

However, there are some reviews that say it can easily be opened using a set of bolt cutters or blasted with the use of freon gas, so it is recommended not to leave your trailer unattended all the times.

  1. Eagle Pin Locks Trailer King Pin Lock

This 5th wheel lock has a universal fit, which can be used on boats, campers and RV. It comes with a safety ribbon and has unique keys made for drivers and RV owners to make sure that they are the only persons capable of accessing the vehicles.

With Eagle Pin Locks as it brand name, this king pin lock is made of cast steel with an orange powder coated finish.

  1. Steel Conical King Pin Lock

Most of the items mentioned in this list have budget-friendly prices. But this one costs a bit higher than the rest. But if you are actually looking for high-end fifth wheel lock with no regrets of spending a lot, then you can buy this accessory.

Steel Conical King Pin Lock boasts of having impressive security and rugged key system for the safety of your trailer. It exudes a cylindrical shape that is lightweight and practical with a body made of carbon steel. It can also be used on any equipment that is locked with a king pin.

This accessory can withstand drilling, freezing and different kinds of impact, making it a reliable lock for your towing vehicle.

Despite being a bit pricey, you are assured of a much better security for your vehicle wherever you go.

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