Best 5th Wheel To Gooseneck Adapters

Best 5th Wheel To Gooseneck Adapters

There are two known types of trailer hitches – the fifth wheel hitches and the gooseneck. They both serve the purpose of effectively allowing a pickup truck to haul several thousand pounds (lbs) of wheeled cargo. The fundamental differences between the two are its basic mechanical structures.

In essence, you cannot link a trailer king pin onto a truck with a gooseneck hitch. The logical solution for this scenario is to completely replace your gooseneck hitch. But you may not really want to surrender its advantage in terms of truck bed space – especially if you can detach and reattach the gooseneck ball to its mounting socket.

Apart from the truck bed’s space and versatility, another drawback of shifting to a fifth wheel hitch is that you may need to take your vehicle to a garage to safely dismantle the mounting system around or under the bed. Instead of going through the effort and financial expenses, a sound alternative is to just simply install an adapter. A hitch adapter anatomically modifies the trailer’s king pin or pin box in order to lock itself effectively into a gooseneck hitch.

Essential Selection Factors

There are a few key factors you need to consider when choosing a 5th wheel to gooseneck adapter. The ideal selection criteria are determined by calculable and observable elements. Check out the following categories to have a better idea of choosing a perfect model:

Adapter Sizes

Unless you buy an adapter that completely replaces the trailer pin box, you need to get the right measurements. To get the ideal adapter size, you must compare the gap between the tip of the gooseneck ball and bottom of the pin box. Although most models have built-in height tweaks, you ought to be wary of choosing products without that advantage.

  • 12-inch adapter for 11-inch to 12-inch measurement
  • 15-inch adapter for 13-inch to 14-inch measurement
  • 17-inch adapter for 15-inch to 16-inch measurement

Setup Types

Not all adapters are created the same. In fact, how the adapter is installed can have a direct bearing on the level of security when you tow a modified fifth wheel connector to a gooseneck ball truck hitch. For easier reference, take note of the setup type and its basic characteristics in this table:

Setup AAdapter replacing the trailer pin box
Safety LevelSuperior
Setup BAdapter replacing the 5th wheel hitch
Safety LevelExcellent
Setup CAdapter bolted over the king pin lube plate
Safety LevelAverage

Retail Price

Another factor that potentially seals the deal when it comes to your selection is the retail price. The fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter entails an average cost between $400 and $500. Anything lower is than that price range is considered cheap while anything exceeding it is considered expensive.


Most retail items come with additional features. However, there are products wherein some basic features are sold separately. Every model ought to contain 2 to 3 of all these accessories:

  • Padlocks
  • Safety chains
  • Cushioning
  • Remote release

The 6 Best Brands

Considering all the factors for selecting a good 5th wheel to gooseneck adapter, a number of brands may prove a good choice reference. For a more unbiased examination, this article features multiple setup types in its range of options. The following brands also accommodate a particular preference based on a wider budget scale:

Convert-A-Ball C5G1216

Convert-A-Ball C5G1216 Adjustable 5th Wheel/Gooseneck Adapter - 12'-16'
  • Setup Type: C
  • Item Weight: 3 lbs
  • Height Tweaks: 12-inch to 16-inch
  • Retail Price: Average

Designed to wrap itself around the trailer’s king pin lube plate, this adapter requires 8 point sockets for installation. This model is fashioned from high-grade cast steel. It also has interior cushions that keep the gooseneck ball vertically stable in rough terrain.

You may like the fact that this adapter is coated with rust-proof powder. Unlike other models, the Convert-A-Ball C5G1216 may be too cumbersome for one light-weight person to install. Due to its generous offset clearance, this product is obviously not designed for all short bed trucks.


  • Durable material
  • Rust-proof guaranteed
  • Minimal bouncing


  • Comparatively heavier
  • Not for less than 6 ft beds

Universal Ranch Hitch Adapter 3100

Andersen Manufacturing 3100 Universal Ranch Hitch Adapter
  • Setup Type: C
  • Item Weight: 42 lbs
  • Height Tweaks: 75-inch to 14.75-inch
  • Retail Price: Average

Despite the distinctive level of safety associated with this type of setup, this adapter proves to be an excellent heavy-duty performer. It is capable of towing up to 24,000 lbs of trailer weight. You’d love the fact that the retail distribution includes all extra features (e.g. bolts) to make installation easier.

The Universal Rancher Hitch Adapter sports a 6-inch straight pipe stinger. In practice, restricts you from opening the tailgate while the trailer is still linked. An offset stinger will allow extra space for you to access the tailgate.


  • Comprehensive installation kit
  • Good tongue weight
  • With remote coupler release


  • Safety chains excluded
  • Needs an 8-inch offset stinger

Andersen Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection

Andersen Hitches 3200 | Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection | Rail Version Mount | Weighs Only 40 lbs! | One Person Install or Removal in Less Than 5 Minutes | Includes 2 Bumper Stickers
  • Setup Type: B
  • Item Weight: 9 lbs
  • Height Tweaks: 75-inch to 16.88-inch to 18-inch
  • Retail Price: Average

Unlike most fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter, this model is attached to the rails of the truck bed. Its retail distribution includes a cleaning agent that removes pests, tar, and road debris. Apart from the convenient built-in funnel, another feature that adds easy attachment and detachment to the trailer is the remote release.

What makes this model very unique is that it is one of the fewest adapters that are immune to grease build-up. The tripod-shaped hitch is very easy to install that you only need minutes to do it by yourself. Although it is designed to fit a wide variety of truck bed sizes, you ought to take note that it is still unsuitable for those with less than 6 ft of cargo space.


  • Includes an all-purpose cleaner
  • Three height adjustments
  • Easy to link with gooseneck ball


  • Possible corrosion risk
  • Not for less than 6 ft beds

Eaz-Lift Gooseneck Adapter 48500

EAZ LIFT 12 Inches 12' Gooseneck Adapter, Includes All Installation Parts and Hardware (48500)
    • Setup Type: C
    • Item Weight: 5 lbs
    • Height Tweaks: None
    • Retail Price: Cheap

What truly sets this model apart from others of a similar setup is that it can tow as much as 30,000 lbs of trailer load (let that sink in for a moment). Considering how much this product item weighs, it ought to be difficult for you not to like this adapter. You may also love the fact that it costs lower than the average retail price range.

Unlike most of the competitive models, you need to be meticulous in terms of size measurements. The absence of height adjustment compels you to choose between three varieties. The 12-inch, 15-inch, and 17-inch adapters all have different costs directly relative to each of their sizes.


  • Superior tongue weight
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Very affordable


  • No offset and height adjustment
  • Challenging installation

Draw-Tite RV Goose Box Coupler 94622

Draw-Tite Reese 94622 Goose Box Gooseneck Coupler
  • Setup Type: A
  • Item Weight: 159 lbs
  • Height Tweaks: None
  • Retail Price: Expensive

Designed as a replacement for an existing trailer pin box, this adapter model is one of the first of its kind approved by Original Equipment (OE). It has a tongue weight of 3,200 lbs and is capable of towing up to 16,000 lbs of weight. This model is designed to replace 3 pin box designs from Lippert and 1 from Fabex.

The interior airbag component is one of the specific things that require regular oversight. Every time you need to tow your trailer, you have to refill the airbag up to 50 psi. In addition, the hitch coupler also needs to be greased before hitting the road for the long haul.

Several buyers have complained about its ability to absorb impact in long-term use. One, in particular, describes a completely damaged frame. In any case, you will have 7 years of warranty to determine the truthfulness of this negative review.


  • No lateral jerking (chucking)
  • Much easier to install
  • Comparatively cheaper


  • Limited tongue weight
  • High maintenance

Reese Goose Box Coupler 94623

Reese 94623 Coupler
  • Setup Type: A
  • Item Weight: 175 lbs
  • Height Tweaks: None
  • Retail Price: Expensive

Picking up from the success of Reese’s Draw-Tite Goose Box Coupler, this model added great improvements missing from its predecessor. Among these qualities include a 20,000-lb towing capacity. If you buy an additional spacer kit, you can fit extra wing sets from Lippert.

Although one can argue that this version has better performance, this positive improvement comes at a very heavy price. Speaking of heavy, you may need the help of a friend for you to put it altogether.


  • Good tongue weight
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Fits more pin box applications


  • Very heavy item
  • Comparatively pricier

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