Best Hitch Mounted Cargo Boxes

Best Hitch Mounted Cargo Boxes

Thule 665C Transporter Combi Hitch Box

If you’re not storing heavy equipment or a bike on your hitch mounted carrier, it truly helps to secure these relatively small items in a solid container. Cargo boxes are valuable accessories for those who are frequently out on a camping trip. But how can you tell if a gear is of excellent quality?

The Selection Criteria

There are a number of things you must take note when it comes to choosing the best hitch mounted cargo box. Aside from quantitative characteristics, you should also acknowledge smart design that reduces effort. Here are some of the aspects that will help you decide:

  • Carrying Capacityweight limit & interior cubic feet
  • Mounting Style: removable or fixed swinging
  • Material Constructionfabric, metal or complex polymer
  • Exposureopen-air or weatherproof

The 8 Best Cargo Storage Boxes

A hitch mounted cargo storage box can come in two forms. It can either be a bag you can strap in a hitch mounted cargo carrier or a closed weatherproof chest with a frame you can link directly to a hitch receiver. Among these basic categories, these are the 8 best models you can choose from.

1. Rightline Gear 100B90 Cargo Saddlebag

  • Item weight: 10.3 lbs
  • Storage capacity: 13 cu ft

The dual seam technology, urethane zipper coat, and zipper cover give this bag 100% protection from a variety of relatively extreme climate conditions. The complete set of belts, straps and support frames take away the need for a tongue-hitched carrier. However, you need to keep track of each component when you completely unhinge the saddlebag during a routine stopover to a carwash or an auto-maintenance shop.

Take note: this cargo storage is exclusively meant for the flat-reared vehicle types (e.g. van, SUV or camper rig). It can only secure a maximum weight limit of 100 lbs. Though it may stack up against water and fine residue, your stuff is totally defenseless from blunt damage.      


  • Hitch mounting is unnecessary
  • Zero tail light and license plate obstruction
  • Completely weatherproof


  • Too many components
  • Physically vulnerable

2.Rage Powersports CSBG-60 Hitch Bag

  • Item weight: 9.6 lbs
  • Storage capacity: 9 cu ft

This model measures a total of 6 inches in length, 19 inches in width and a height which you can expand from 17 to 21 inches. It fits any hitch mounted cargo carrier that sports an equally sizeable dimension. You only require six straps to keep this container tied down – easy to account when you unpack and remove everything.

The PVC nylon can shield packed items from exterior dampness. Another specific feature you may find interesting is that this lengthy box-shaped bag has a soft padded bottom. Unfortunately, this spongy base texture also contributes to the textile flimsiness against potential straining weight.


  • Affordable
  • Expandable height
  • Very lightweight


  • Limited warranty provisions
  • Not so durable fabric

3. ARKSEN 60” x 25” Cargo Hauler with Cargo Bag

  • Item weight: 56 lbs
  • Storage capacity: 17 cu ft

For a container made of weather-resistant fabric, thus cargo bag is capable of handling a maximum of 500 lbs. Its most notable feature is the unique 7-inch width adjustment. For better or worse, this cargo storage is massive – suitable for heavy travel.

Always remember that the safest burden limit you can carry is roughly 25% of your body weight. Unless you weigh 280 lbs, this empty bag is still a bit arduous to hoist on your back. Interestingly, a foldable hitch mounted cargo carrier is already included in its retail distribution.   


  • Impressive weight limit
  • Expandable width
  • With a hitch mounted cargo carrier


  • Very heavy
  • Assembly needs work

4. StowAway Carriers Max Cargo Box

  • Item weight: 94 lbs
  • Storage capacity: 16 cu ft

This model has a neat swing-away frame with a radius of 180 degrees. This allows you to open the SUV hatch or truck tailgate without removing the cargo carrier. It also sports a drain plug that also enables you to wash the storage interiors.

The additional tail lights and license plate holders are crucial considering how huge it is. Unfortunately, its size and 200-lb weight limit also prove to be detrimental. You have to make sure that your vehicle’s hitch receiver is rated with a minimum capacity of 300 lbs.


  • Hatch or tailgate allowance
  • Convenient cleaning
  • Good for heavy duty ferrying


  • Higher tongue weight requirement
  • Very expensive

5. Thule 665C Transporter Combi Hitch Box

  • Item weight: 75.18 lbs
  • Storage capacity: 13 cu ft

This model is quite similar to the StowAway cargo box because it doesn’t require you to remove the whole thing when you open the back of the vehicle. But what makes this rear mounted cargo boxdifferent is that you only tilt the cargo carrier instead of swinging it wide away from the vehicle. Similarly, it also has a license plate holder and additional tail lights – the latter pre-wired for 4-pin cable harness.

While it has a decent space capacity, you would have to watch out for the 150-lbs weight. Several buyers consider the lock and key mechanism as a source of their annoyance. Fortunately, it comes with an unlimited warranty.


  • Hatch or tailgate allowance
  • Includes a security lock
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Inadequate weight limit
  • Burdens a class 2 hitch receiver

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