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Toyota prius

The Toyota Prius has earned a reputation for being one of the most successful Japanese automobile brands that flourished amidst the world’s common doubts and criticisms. Any avid car enthusiast knows that this hatchback model has achieved an exclusively unique milestone. It is the first ever mass-produced hybrid car in the world –a big step in the right direction leading to the aspired ‘age of energy-efficient industry.’

Sleek and high-tech, it is perfectly understandable for anybody to expect less of this model regarding the broad definition of cross-country performance. After all, any expert worth a grain of salt would not advise using hatchbacks as wagon pullers. But contrary to popular impression, the Toyota Prius has a way of rubbing shoulders with practical off-road enthusiasts.

Toyota Prius & Trailers

While hatchback cars can easily qualify as a non-trailer towing vehicle, the Toyota Prius proved to be an exception. In fact, this automobile has been pulling caravans for three model generations (since 2004).

Despite its audacity to defy negative expectations, you have to realize that you’re not supposed to push your luck when it comes to choosing the right trailer for this hatchback.

So how do you select the right one?

Just remember the two important numbers: the maximum loaded caravan weight and 85% of the vehicles curb weight. As much as possible, these two numbers should be equal to each other. It is much better if the loaded trailer is less than 85% the vehicle curb weight. You will have to be a very seasoned driver if you want to risk pulling caravans with the same exact weight as your towing vehicle.

In terms of searching for the ideal miniature caravan, you are looking at a model that is classified as having 3 to 4 berths. This means that all the living amenities (bed, kitchenette, and bathroom) can effectively accommodate a small group. A 2-berth caravan is only suitable for couples or trio.

Prior to scouting for your ideal Prius towing hitch, please first consider these figures. Whether or not you already own a Toyota Prius, you may find this reference useful in choosing the right trailer for your model:

2nd Generation: 2008 Prius Hybrid

  • Total curb weight1,300 kg.
  • 85% curb weight1,105 kg.
  • Towing capacity2,274 kg.
  • Ideal trailer brand2013 Adria Altea Shannon

3rd Generation: 2009 Prius Liftback

  • Total curb weight1,684 kg.
  • 85% curb weight1,431 kg.
  • Towing capacity680 kg.
  • Ideal trailer brand2003 ABI Adventure

4th Generation: 2016 Prius Hybrid

  • Total curb weight853 kg.
  • 85% curb weight725 kg.
  • Towing capacity725 kg.
  • Ideal trailer brand1998 Lunar Ariva 4

4 Best Toyota Prius Trailer Hitches

The three version models mentioned earlier are among the best when it comes to being a reliable towing vehicle. Hence, it would be wise to consider ideal Prius trailer hitches that are consistently fitting the following examples cited.

Curiously, your best options may be limited to two highly competitive brands in the industry: namely Draw-Tite and Curt. It is crucial to take note, however, that variations among these two leading trade names are categorized in terms of a universally identifiable product number. Check out the following selections for future references:

1. Draw-Tite 24808 Sportframe Class 1

Draw-Tite 24808 Class I Sportframe Hitch with 1-1/4' Square Receiver Tube Opening
  • Item weight28 lbs
  • Tow capacity2,000 lbs

One of the most prevalent positive feedbacks this product reaped concerns the easy and straightforward installation. Ironically, some consumers believe that the instruction manual tends to get in the way with their simple comprehension regarding the assembly process. This, on top of the excellent material quality, makes Draw-Tite 24808 Sportframe Class 1 a perfect fit for 2008 and 2009 model versions.

It is important to understand that this model’s design is not suitable for the latest generation of Toyota Prius. However, the relative disadvantage in terms of fitting this hitch onto fourth generation models pale in comparison to the terrible feedback concerning its distribution quality. Among the chief customer complaints are directed at the subpar quality in terms of packaging and material integrity upon successful delivery of the product.


  • Good installation
  • Versatile fit


  • Poor retail experience

2. Curt 11468 Class 1 (Hitch, Pin & Clip)

CURT 11468 Class 1 Trailer Hitch, 1-1/4-Inch Receiver, Select Toyota Prius
  • Item weight: 31 lbs
  • Tow capacity2,000 lbs

There are a number of stark similarities between this item and the previously mentioned hitch model.

Both were manufactured from superior steel quality via sophisticated welding standards. Like the Draw-Tite 24808 Sportframe Class 1, this model is also relatively easy to assemble.

Unlike the preceding example, the Curt 11468 Class 1 has an edge in terms of user-friendliness due to available online instructions.

Clearly, consumers consider the additional pin and clip as a relatively advantageous deal. Among the most prevalent criticisms expressed by customers concerns the problematic fitting of the holes on several second and third generation vehicles. This difficulty often gets in the way of an otherwise easy and convenient installation.


  • Good installation
  • Supplemented kit


  • Complicated fit

3. Draw-Tite 24944 Sportframe Class 1

Draw-Tite 24944 Sportframe Class I Hitch with 1-1/4' Receiver Tube Opening
  • Item weight19.47 lbs
  • Tow capacity2,000 lbs

Unlike the previously mentioned models, this item exclusively fits the fourth generation Prius models. It is the type of trailer hitch that suits you if you if you have a tight budget – which is pretty stylish considering that you own a progressive automobile model.

Another cool advantage when it comes to buying this model is that its complete assembly yields a prodigious space between the terrain and the car’s underbelly.

Speaking of installation, this particular trailer hitch is fairly simple to install. Ironically, the simplicity does not necessarily cut down on the required workload if you pursue the DIY process. Even with the complete set of tools, the installation process may still take a little longer.


  • Very affordable
  • Good ground clearance


  • Time-consuming installation

4. Curt 11276 Class 1 Trailer Hitch

CURT 11276 Class 1 Trailer Hitch, 1-1/4-Inch Receiver, Select Toyota Prius,Black
  • Item weight5 lbs
  • Tow capacity2,000 lbs

This item can be another excellent fit for a 2016 Prius as well as other fourth generation models.

What is very impressive about the Curt 11276 Class 1 is that its super lightweight frame can pull a wheeled object 400 times its mass.

Another great reason for buying this model is that, despite the superior material quality, it doesn’t necessarily hurt your wallet.

Like the items featured earlier, this brand also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Among the number of negative feedbacks mentioned by consumers, the installation proved to be the most rampant. In contrast with the Draw-Tite 24944 Sportframe Class 1, it’s simply difficult for ordinary DIY enthusiasts to follow the details of the instruction manual – even with the online variety.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Very affordable


  • Complicated installation

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